POEM 5” x 7”                                                                                  ITEM# BOVPW-04

Beautiful presentation of the poem God Bless The Vet in military blue print on

white faded flag  background. The  branches of  military  service are  listed on the

back. Sealed in a nautical  blue  invitation  style  envelope  with a silver  insert liner

to prevent bending  the artwork.  The liner  may be  used as  a backing board to

complete framing if desired. The envelope  flap is  sealed  with  a silver  foil  emblem,

and a white invitation style outside envelope protects this stunning and affordable

gift for the recipient. 


*If necessary, we reserve the right to substitute materials of equal or better value in

regards to final product.

White Poem in Custom Envelope

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"God Bless The Vet" is copyrighted artwork available for distribution by the owner, Nancy L. Schermerhorn, for Bless Our Veterans ™ .  Duplication and/or marketing and distributing without written permission by the owner is illegal and subject to copyright fines.

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